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First Responder

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    Triangular Handle
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First Responder 

First Responder Ballistic Shield:

  • Dimensions: 17" x 29"
  • 8" x 4.5" replaceable viewport
  • Aluminum handle for reliability
  • Lightweight composite construction
  • Quick-release Velcro trim arm cuff
  • Defeats multiple rounds
  • Water resistant

First Responder Ballistic Shield - NIJ level IIIA

  • National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0108.01 III-A performance requirements
  • Defeats .44mag 1400 fps, 9mm 1400 fps, and lesser threats
  • Weight 14 lbs

First Responder  Ballistic Shield options

  • Triangular handle

Automotive Armor Shields are engineered to be lightweight, and dependable. They are designed for superior protection, in a variety of mission specific shapes. All composites tested to 10 years cycle ( 7 year warranty ) 

All shields are made in the USA!

    • Weight
      14 lbs
    • SKU
  • Ballistic Level
    NIJ Level IIIA - 14 lbs
  • Color
    Black, Green
  • Label
    None, Police, Sheriff
  • Add-On's
    None, Triangular Handle

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