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Automotive Armor Manufacturing is an industry leader in production of lightweight hard-armor technology with a history of producing armor products for over 20 years. Automotive Armor Manufacturing understands the need for superior armor products to defeat today's threats. This has made it America's leading custom designer, and manufacture of hard-armor.

Who are we?

Automotive Armor Manufacturing is an United States based manufacture and stockholder of composite hard-armor and other finished armor products.

A Strategic regional network of sales account managers and distribution centers supply solutions and immediate stock availability of certain products to a wide range of agencies and market sectors.

Capabilities Statement

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Providing our customers with assurance and confidence to face today's threats


In 1998 the founders of Automotive Armor manufacturing, were faced with a problem, They had worked for several years for another armoring company. The company had just been purchased and was restructuring – this meant they were both being replaced.

With both having a passion for the ballistic armor industry. They began discussing the issues of ballistic armor systems, and were promptly coming up with solutions. This was the start of a new company (Automotive Armor Manufacturing, Inc.). The first issue was creating a value armor product for everyone; they found solutions in efficient production of custom light-weight armor paneling. They also designed solutions to up-armor existing armor products and kits.

As business progressed, they continued upon the customization of the light-weight armor panels, and have provided several specialty armoring kits for civilian and military vehicles, vessels and aircraft.