About A.A.M

Automotive Armor is a, women owned small business that leads in manufacturing innovative, American-made ballistic-resistant shields and systems for Military and Law Enforcement. Our focus is on delivering consistent high-quality products that are driven by integrity and exceed customer and manufacturer expectations. Since 1998 we have been manufacturing a wide range of ballistic armor systems. Our engineers, ex-military, academia, and network of manufacturing teams have access to advanced research, scientific development, technical precision, and manufacturing excellence in all our products.


  • Over 65 years combined experience in ballistics and armoring
  • Perpetual R&D with ballistic systems, ensuring currentthreats are defeated
  • All our products meet or exceed NIJ Standards.
  • Ballistics manufactured to MIL-SPECs
  • Exceptional customer service, and support
  • Custom armor solutions, to fit your needs


  • Navy utilizing custom armor kits, developed to defeat ballistic threats at sea.
  • Aviation industries implement our solutions for ultra lightweight armor systems
  • Several contracts with local, state and federal agencies
  • Joint Venture R&D with Universities in developinglightweight ballistic tornado shelters
  • Preferred supplier of bullet/ballistic resistant shields for several agencies


  • Women Owned Small Business
  • Joint Certification Program (JCP) #77492
  • GSA Contract #GS07F062DA
  • 326130, 315990, 336413, 339113, 336992, 331110


  • Defense and Financial Accounting Services (DFAS)
  • US Air Force
  • Police Departments nationwide
  • US Coast Guard

Capabilities Statement

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In 1998 the founders of Automotive Armor manufacturing, were faced with a problem, They had worked for several years for another armoring company. The company had just been purchased and was restructuring – this meant they were both being replaced.

With both having a passion for the ballistic armor industry. They began discussing the issues of ballistic armor systems, and were promptly coming up with solutions. This was the start of a new company (Automotive Armor Manufacturing, Inc.). The first issue was creating a value armor product for everyone; they found solutions in efficient production of custom light-weight armor paneling. They also designed solutions to up-armor existing armor products and kits.

As business progressed, they continued upon the customization of the light-weight armor panels, and have provided several specialty armoring kits for civilian and military vehicles, vessels and aircraft.