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Armorshield ™ Aramid Ballistic Panels

Armorshield ™ bullet-resistant panels are, light weight, thermo-formable, and yellow in appearance. They are created with first class synthetic fibers know as “Aramid”. These fibers are useful in armor applications due to their outstanding strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance. The fibers derive their strength from a strong bonding between short molecules. They are better known by trade names such as Kevlar® (Dupont) and Twaron® (Tejin Twaron). Aramid’s weight to strength ratio surpasses that of carbon fiber and fiberglass.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Certified Ballistic Threat Protection!

NIJ Level IIIA - Armorshield ™ defeats multiple handgun threats, including .44mag and 9mm at 1400 (feet per second) fps and lesser threats.

Bullet-Resistant, and Water-Resistant

Our popular Armorshield ™ ballistic panels have been imbued with a unique resin to provide, superior ballistics, longer life, excellent water resistance and thermo-formable properties.

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Time Saving Easy Install, Thermo-Formable, Customizable

Armorshield™ bullet-resistant panels can be cut with, knife-blade jigsaw, or water-jet. They can be bent and shaped easily, by heating with heat gun.


Armorshield ™ is a yellow, light weight, thermo-formable, high strength, aramid bullet-resistant panel. It is created with first class synthetic fibers know as “Aramid”. These fibers are better known by trade names such as Kevlar® (Dupont) and Twaron® (Tejin Twaron). Armorshield™ is fused with a unique resin technology adding water resistance and extending the product life. It defeats multiple rounds of ballistic threats, can be cut with, knife-blade jigsaw, or water-jet at room temperature, bent and shaped easily under heating with heat air gun. It is frequently used in car door panels to protect the occupants from handgun threats and in shields used by our Law enforcement agencies throughout the US. These easy to implement armor system panels will provide several years of ballistic protection.

Superior Ballistics

Our Armorshield ™ ballistic panels meet and exceed the National Institute of Justice ballistics standards. NIJ 0108.01 Standard.

7 Year Warranty.

Technical Data

  • 0.21 inches thick
  • 1.2 lbs per sq ft


  • 50”X48”
  • 50”X62”
  • 50”X96”
  • Customizable


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