A.A.M has the capability to design, and produce advanced ballistic armor systems. Our manufacturing facilities can provide technical information along with National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic certifications.

Our engineering and design team produce profiles to the highest quality for use in numerous applications, such as architectural, automotive, aviation, marine, general engineering and transport.

  • A typical route from conception to production:
  • Customer defines ballistic armoring requirements.
  • Design and development performed utilizing CAD/CAM
  • Print/drawing produced and then approved by customer.
  • Sample or first article of inspection produced and approved.
  • Applications of composite armor:
  • Shields for policemen
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Infrastructure of buildings
  • Advantages of composite armor:
  • Able to withstand harsh environments
  • Light weight
  • Cut to any shape

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Architectural Armor And Industrial Protection

AAM manufactures light weight ballistic panels used in architectural armor systems. These same systems are used for industrial protection in the workplace. These systems provide protection to individuals from bullets, projectiles and fragmentations. The panels can be placed inside walls, doors, desks or any place protection may be necessary. Our panels provide excellent protection against machinery explosions, breaking or malfunctions.

Our armor systems are some of the lightest weight armor systems in existence. This allows full mobility behind a desk or podium and doesn't add hundreds or thousands of pounds in extra weight to floors of buildings not designed to handle the extra load. The armor systems have and are currently being used behind Judges benches, speakers podiums and even entire offices. Our panels can be cut and installed with little effort to provide maximum protection to the individuals.

AAM's armor systems are all non-ricochet so the products actually catch the bullet or projectile and does not offer a threat to other individuals or innocent bystanders.

  • Applications for our architectural armor:
  • Judges Bench armor protection
  • Speakers podium armor protection
  • Executive Office protection armor systems
  • Executive Desks
  • Cash Booth
  • Armored Doors or Doorways