Body Defense Ballistic Shield Coverage Area Photo
  • Ballistic Take Down Shield specifications
  • Ballistic coverage area of 20"x30"
  • Heavy duty aluminum and composite handle system
  • Lightweight at only 11lbs
  • Quick-release Velcro trim arm cuff
  • Defeats multiple round threats
  • Exceeds National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard-0108.01
  • High strength and low density
  • Excellent energy absorption
  • 15 times the strength of steel (pound for pound)
  • Resists chemicals, UV light and water

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  • Take Down Shield options
  • Color - Black, or OD Green
  • Super bright LED light system (1000 lumen +)
  • Handle - Straight, or Triangular
  • Take Down Shield in NIJ IIIA
  • NIJ Standard-0108.01 III-A performance requirements
  • Defeats .44mag 1400fps, 9mm 1400 fps, and lesser threats
  • Weight 11 lbs
  • Take Down Shield in NIJ III
  • NIJ Standard-0108.01 III performance requirements
  • Defeats 7.62X51mm 2750 fps, and lesser threats
  • Weight 21 lbs
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Proudly made in the USA.

A utomotive Armor Manufacturing, Inc. (AAM) shields are engineered with rugged, lightweight and maneuverable qualities to provide longevity as well as the utmost protection. Our shields are manufactured with advance composite ballistic cores and encapsulated with a hybrid nano composite shell. Proudly made in the USA!